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Discover Belgium, Why Not?
Discover Belgium, Why Not?
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Enjoying Antwerp
Why not enjoy an unforgettable stay in enchanting Antwerp, and at a bargain too? Why Not gives you the chance to discover this sparkling city without paying the top price. Stroll the breathtaking streets, admire the extraordinary architecture and feast on delectable Belgian delicacies. With our exclusive deals and discounts, you can treat yourself to a delightful hotel stay and dinner, allowing you to fully savor everything that Antwerp has to offer. So, staying overnight and dining out in Belgium, Why Not?
Discover Bruges
Wander through the cobbled streets, admire the charming canals and indulge in delicious Belgian chocolate. Bruges is the ideal city for a night away! For a cozy weekend in Bruges, you don't need a reason with the restaurant and hotel deals from Why Not! Treat yourself to a comfortable hotel stay and a delicious dinner, so you can fully enjoy the historical beauty that Bruges has to offer.
Explore the beautiful Brussels
After a day full of adventure and discoveries in bustling Brussels, you deserve a delightful dinner at a top restaurant and a relaxing stay at a beautiful hotel. With Why Not, it's possible with discounts of up to 70%! We offer the best hotels and restaurants in Brussels at unbeatable prices, ensuring that your stay in this beautiful city becomes unforgettable. Enhance your hotel experience with extras such as a lavish breakfast to start your day right, a late check-out to enjoy your stay a little longer, or a refreshing welcome drink to celebrate your journey. With these special additions, you truly make the most out of your visit to Brussels, all with discounts of up to 70%.
Relax by the seaside
Indulge in a delightful day at the beautiful Flemish coast, with a delicious dinner and an overnight stay to end the day. Let's be honest, after a relaxing day of sun, sea, and beach, who wants to drive back home? So, Why Not? Therefore we offer affordable hotel and restaurant deals at the Flemish coast with discounts of up to 70%. After a day filled with sunshine and sandcastles, there's nothing better than dining out and then sinking into a comfortable bed to savor the day. Discover the best hotel and restaurant deals at the coast.

Prefer going to the Netherlands or Germany next time?

Craving an unforgettable stay in the Netherlands or Germany? Why Not! Be amazed by the most comfortable hotels and exquisite restaurants, all while saving up to 70%. This way, you'll have the freedom to explore your chosen city and relax in a cozy bed at night. Whether you opt for the Netherlands or Germany, the best hotel and restaurant deals await you at Why Not! So, what are you waiting for? Book the best deals with discounts of up to 70% at Why Not.